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What's meant by "PQ"?

The PQ (Plattform Quer = platform for transverse installed engines) is also the name for a standardized electrical system which is used in various VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat vehicles. When speaking of "PQ", this wiki refers only to the  following PQ systems:

  • PQ 25
  • PQ 35
  • PQ 36
  • PQ 46
  • PQ 47

The following systems are not compatible to the above and are therefor not dealt with in this wiki:

  • PQ 24
  • PQ 26
  • PQ 31
  • PQ 32
  • PQ 33
  • PQ 34

How is this Wiki structured?

It's easy, once you got the (simple) concept: Electrical systems and the applications for which they were designed can be described by seperating them into:

Control units are usually some kind of a box with a connector and software running on it. In this wiki, only control units which are connected to a bus (CAN, K-Line, LIN, etc.) are considered.

Features perform some kind of noticeable action, some are triggered by the driver (f.e. by pushing a certain button) and are usually mentioned in the car's user manual. They're hosted on a control unit.

Functions also perform actions, but they can't be controlled by the driver (they work autonomously). They're usually not of relevance to the driver,  remain hidden and are not mentioned in the car's user manual. They're hosted on a control unit.

Control units (or more specific: the features and functions hosted on them) communicate via one or more busses with other control units. An example: Let's say the control unit "front radar" hosts the features "ACC" and "Front Assist" . While both feature run on the Front radar, they still require the interaction with other control units: The ACC needs to tell the engine electronics to accelerate,  the brake electronics to brake, etc. But furthermore, the front radar in our example also uses a function called "component protection" (a theft protection measure), which is not noticeable by the driver - and it's existance usually only known to professionals.


All contributions were written voluntarily and free of charge by a range of authors. No contribution therefore claims to be correct or complete. Modifying or retrofitting of car electrics using the information on this page must therefore be done at your own risk!

Supported car models

The following car models use the PQ electrical system:

Model Model years PQ system Derivat Sales Type Notes
Audi A1 2011 - 2018 PQ 25   8X  
Audi A3 Mk2   PQ 35   8P  
Audi TT Mk2 2007 - 2014 PQ 35   8J  
Audi Q3   PQ 35   8U  
Seat Alhambra Mk2 2011 - present PQ 46   7N  
Seat Altea   PQ 35   5P1  
Seat Altea XL   PQ 35   5P5  
Seat Altea Freetrack   PQ 35   5P8  
Seat Ibiza Mk4 2008 - 2017 PQ 25   6J  
Seat León Mk2   PQ 35   1P  
Seat Toledo Mk3   PQ 35   5P2  
Seat Toledo Mk4   PQ 25      
Škoda Octavia Mk2   PQ 35   1Z  
Škoda Rapid 2011 - present PQ 25   NA  
Škoda Superb Mk2 2008 - 2015 PQ 35   3T  
Škoda Yeti   PQ 35   5L  
VW Ameo 2016 - 2020 PQ 25      
VW Beetle   PQ 35   16  
VW Beetle Cabrio   PQ 35      
VW Caddy   PQ 35   2K  
VW Eos   PQ 35   1F  
VW Golf MK5   PQ 35   1K (?)  
VW Golf Mk6   PQ 35   5K  
VW Cabrio Mk6   PQ 35      
VW Golf Plus   PQ 35   5M  
VW Golf Sportswagen Mk5   PQ 35      
VW Golf Sportswagen Mk6   PQ 35      
VW Jetta Mk5   PQ 35   1K (?)  
VW Jetta Mk6   PQ 35   1K (?)  
VW Passat B6   PQ 46      
VW Passat B7   PQ 47      
VW Passat CC   PQ 46      
VW Polo Mk5 2009 - ?? PQ 25   6R, 61 (??)  
VW Sagitar   PQ 35      
VW Scirocco Mk3   PQ 35   13  
VW Sharan Mk2 2011 - ?? PQ 46      
VW Tiguan   PQ 35   5N  
VW Transporter T5.2/T6 2010-2019 PQ 25      
VW Touran Mk1   PQ 35   1T  
VW UP   PQ25      
VW Vento 2010 - present PQ 25   60  



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